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Greg Stier: Teens Who Pray for the Lost, See the Lost

greg stier

Greg Stier is the founder and CEO of Dare 2 Share ministries, which has equipped over a million teenagers and adults to regularly and passionately share the hope of Jesus with others. Greg has written over a dozen books, including Gospelize Your Youth Ministry: A Spicy “New” Philosophy of Ministry (That’s 2,000 Years Old). He speaks across the globe and he oversees Dare 2 Share Live, a one-day evangelism training event that equips teen to start a gospel revolution in their own communities.

Key Questions for Greg Stier

-In light of the discouraging data, how do you maintain your hope that youth pastors have a unique opportunity to mobilize churches for evangelism?

-What are your thoughts on the perspective that the youth pastor position is just a stepping stone to another position?

-What does “gospelizing” your youth ministry really look like?

-How has God led your ministry to embrace the idea of relational evangelism and what are you doing that is making your efforts so effective?

Key Quotes from Greg Stier

“Regardless of whatever stats you read, it’s pretty obvious that Christianity is losing its punch in the United States.”

“Our churches tomorrow are going to be empty if we do not reach this next generation.”

“We’re beyond pizza and dodgeball and a 10 minute talk. We have to mobilize teenagers to reach their generation for Christ.”

“I think God secretly enjoys scary statistics so He can show up and show off.”

“It was a youth revival that prepared America to be America.”

“Social media, people look at it as a curse. I look at it as a blessing. The gospel can spread through social media. Teenagers can leverage all that for the gospel, but youth leaders have to change the way that they’re thinking. And what we’re seeing is that down deep inside the heart every youth leader worth his or her salt there’s a burning gospel ember that we just need to find and fan and fuel.”