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Megan Fate Marshman: What If What You Think Your Ministry Needs Is Not What It Actually Needs?

Megan Fate Marshman

Megan Fate Marshman has dedicated her life to inspiring, equipping and supporting people in spiritual formation for a lifetime of faith. She is a respected speaker at churches, conferences and retreats and has invested years into ministering to young adults. Megan is passionate about sharing Jesus everywhere, from universities to coffee shops. She currently serves as Director of Women’s Ministries at Hume Lake Christian Camps and as a staff pastor at Arbor Road Church in Long Beach, California. Megan lives in Long Beach with her husband, Randy, and her two boys, Foster and Jedidiah.

Key Questions for Megan Fate Marshman

-What does it look like to practice an “Ephesians 4” type of ministry?

-Why do some women struggle with women’s ministry?

-What is your advice for ministry leaders looking to connect well with women? 

-What are practical ways you’ve found to “keep the main thing the main thing” in ministry?

Key Quotes from Megan Fate Marshman

“I came to realize, what if what I think [the young adults] needed, what they thought they needed, was not actually what they needed?”

“We did an eight-week series where they had to bring how God uniquely wire them, and they had to contribute and do church. Best series I’ve ever done, best church moment I’ve ever been a part of, and the best part is, all these people were finding their place in the church.”

“Look to the people you’re doing things with and say, ‘How do we do this?’”

“I hate to say how rare this is, but the two of us opened the Bible together, read the Scripture together and kept coming back to what our jobs are within church. Our job is not to do the church, our job is to equip the people to believe that they themselves can equip the people.”

“I think women’s ministry can be, like every other ministry, really beautiful if we make the main thing the right thing.”

“In my experience with women’s ministry, it’s been very easy and almost tempting to make it more about a social gathering…when we make that the priority, I think we miss out on what can be accomplished through time together.”

[Women’s ministry done well looks like] women huddled around truth and then secondarily seeing how that truth impacts their lives, again, secondarily being key.”

“God is the main character [of the Bible], and when we make him the main character, our conversations align and become more of what they were intended to be.”

“What I did at a women’s conference one time was, I grabbed ladies from each generation very intentionally, and I brought them together, and said, ‘What is it about the doilies? Why does that matter?’ And one woman blew my mind.” 

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