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Megan Fate Marshman: What If What You Think Your Ministry Needs Is Not What It Actually Needs?

“I would say to ministry leaders, ‘Listen a lot.’”

“If you discover something, you own it, and you only act on what you own, not necessarily what you agree with.”

“When people feel heard, they feel valued. When they discover truth, they’re on their way to doing something really beautiful.”

“I’ve come alongside a lot of women who have, to be quite honest, quit the church because they didn’t feel valued in it.” 

“While we all may disagree on where we can live with purpose, it should never stop us from living with purpose.”

“I don’t think people are running away from the truth. I think people are running away from church in search of the truth.”

“Too often everyone is labeling themselves by what they do, not who they are.”

“Create space for people to wrestle with truth for themselves.”

“As much as people are going to want to push [church leaders] into different types of leadership roles, just remember that we’re a branch too, trying to connect to the source, and to not miss that.”

Mentioned in the Show by Megan Fate Marshman

Ephesians 4:12
John 15

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