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Roger Lane: This Is How to Do Fundraising God’s Way

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Roger Lane has served local churches, ministry organizations, denominations and universities in leadership and strategy for raising funds for kingdom ministry. He was the Vice President of Development at North Central University and also served with Financial Solutions with the Assemblies of God denomination. He continues to mentor and coach pastors and has recently distilled his years of wisdom and experience into a helpful book called Funded: A Leader’s Guide to Raising Money God’s Way. Roger is married to Ann, and they have two daughters, two sons-in-law, and eight grandchildren.

Key Questions for Roger Lane

-What are pastors and ministry leaders missing when it comes to laying a good foundation for fundraising that honors God and the donors?

-How can church leaders effectively transfer their vision to others in their church?

-Have you seen effective global ministry initiatives?

-How can pastors clarify the difference between stewardship versus generosity?

Key Quotes from Roger Lane

“In the past, [raising funds for ministry] has been kind of a scary thing, and I don’t know that the fear has necessarily left.”

“The donor bases of church and parachurch organizations are becoming more sophisticated in where they give their resources.”

“Leaders have a tendency to get nervous when they start talking about fundraising, and so that nervousness can tend to cause us to lean to our own understanding…and we miss what I call the ‘secret sauce,’ which is, I think it’s a prayer path where we really get engaged with God.”

“You can’t raise money for a moving target. So we have got to be really clear and very focused.”

“I encourage leaders to pull back and give it a couple weeks to a month to just pray and wait and listen and pray and wait and listen until you feel that you have a clear communication from the Holy Spirit.” 

“There’s a strength in numbers…When we have unanimity and we’re all together, it really makes a great statement in leading the initiative with the congregation.”

“It’s really important to have video communication and also publication communication. I think it’s very important to illustrate the visuals of what we’re trying to accomplish, any time that we can.”

“We always say that money follows vision…I think that anything that can touch on the heartstrings of our people, we want to push them in that direction.”

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Jason serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at PastorServe, a ministry committed to strengthening the Church by serving pastors through personal coaching and church consulting. He also hosts FrontStage BackStage, a podcast and YouTube show, that helps pastors embrace healthy, well-balanced leadership as they develop a sustainable rhythm for life and ministry. Prior to joining the PastorServe team, Jason served as Vice President of Ministry Mobilization at Outreach, Inc., and as the Executive Director of the National Back to Church Sunday movement. Additionally, Jason served for nearly two decades in pastoral leadership, primarily as a lead pastor, in several contexts, including church plant re-launch, multisite church, multiethnic urban church, and an established suburban church. His experience as a lead pastor has provided numerous opportunities to coach and mentor pastors across the country. Jason and his beautiful wife, Monica, are the proud parents of six children and live on Anastasia Island, Florida. @jasondaye