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Meg Meeker: What You Need to Know About Teen Sex, Depression, and Social Media Use

“The more time they spend on social media, the more likely they are to be depressed.”

“Parents need to set up some rules about screens in their home, and many parents are afraid to do this because the backlash is kids are going to get nasty and spit and scream, and I say, ‘Oh well.’”

“You don’t have secrets in marriage. You don’t have secrets in any healthy relationship. And that pertains to kids and their parents.”

“I find the most effective way to get through to kids is not to tell them things and lecture, but to ask questions.”

“I want to say to every pastor and youth ministry worker, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ We need you out there.”

“What I encourage youth pastors to do is keep the bar high for your kids. Expect them to do well, unless somebody tells you otherwise, unless they show you otherwise.”

“Spend more time affirming their character.”

“Be authentic…if you walk in and you talk to kids as though you’re the adult and you love being there with them, they love that. Don’t come down to their level. Stay up as an adult because that will pull kids up…They want somebody to look up to who believes in them, has respect for them, and who will help them.”

“I believe that God wires every parent with exactly what they need to parent a child…Culture’s scary, but you have the power, not the culture.”

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