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Dave Gibson: Whose Salvation Are You Praying for Every Day?

dave gibson

Dave Gibson has over 40 years of local, national, and international ministry leadership experience. He currently serves as the executive director for GO2020 USA and is also a member of the GO2020 global leadership team. Dave is the senior director of missions and evangelism at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where he has served for over 30 years. He has also served as the executive vice president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is the executive director of Mission America. Dave is married to Wendy and they have five children.

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Key Questions for Dave Gibson

-How can every follower of Jesus practice “relational evangelism”?

-Have you always been open about regularly sharing your faith?

-What is the GO2020 movement?

-Why is it a challenge for people to share their faith?

Key Quotes from Dave Gibson

“Jesus said if we follow him, he’ll make us fishers of men, and if we aren’t fishing for men, maybe we aren’t doing a good job of following Jesus.”

“Evangelism 101 in the early church was you just took your hand away from your mouth.”

“Do we have a culture of prayer? Do we have a culture of discipleship, culture of worship, a culture of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ?”

“Ninety to 93 percent of Christians aren’t sharing their faith.”

“Can we make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ?”

“Evangelism is a process and God is responsible for the results.”

“Here’s a practical thing you can encourage your people to do: pray for Bob every day.”

“You have arguably one of the greatest missionaries in the history of the church [the Apostle Paul] and he says, ‘Pray for me.’”

“Pray for burden, pray for open doors, and then pray for boldness.”

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