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Jordan Gustafson on the Amazing Opportunity of Long-Term Missions

 “We must invest in people, not just physical goods themselves.”

“[Long-term missions] has given people the opportunity to see something and then say, ‘I wonder if…’ And I think that’s a really amazing and a really powerful thing for laypeople in our churches.”

“We’ve definitely seen revitalization [in U.S. churches], and that’s been one of the sweetest things personally.”

“It’s not easy to be involved in your community…but it’s so important.”

“I believe that when we give people runways to lean in, amazing things happen. People want to be involved…I think the young people in our country are hungry for that.”

“We can’t pursue the Kingdom without the King. We have to be focused.”

“We’ve been able to remain strong and hold strong relationships with our partners because we’ve developed that trust.”

“The question isn’t necessarily if a disaster’s going to happen, but when is a disaster going to happen, and are we prepared to weather it, and are we prepared to press it forward? And what a long-term relationship does is it really begins to address that question.”

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As Vice President of Ministry Mobilization for Outreach, Inc., Jason dedicates his time to encouraging and equipping churches, denominations and ministry organizations to develop their Kingdom effectiveness by creating a culture that is both incarnational and invitational. He also serves as the Executive Director of the National Back to Church Sunday movement and hosts the weekly ChurchLeaders podcast. Jason lives on Anastasia Island, Florida, with his beautiful wife and children. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram @jasondaye