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Joel McGill: The Great Commission Could Be Fulfilled in Your Lifetime

joel mcgill

Joel McGill is the Senior Coordinator of All.America and also serves on the leadership team at Impact World. He provides strategies and tools to pastors and ministry leaders seeking to make a larger kingdom impact as they fulfill the Great Commission. Joel is married to Naomi, and they have three children.

Key Questions for Joel McGill

-What are the “five finish lines” all churches should be pursuing?

-How did you shift to a focus on collaborating to finish God’s mission?

-Could you share stories of how ministries leaders have come together to embrace your “five finish line” framework?

-What would you recommend to kingdom-minded pastors wanting to reach their cities?

Key Quotes from Joel McGill

“This idea of finish lines really came out of the idea that we can finish it, that in our lifetime we could finish this call that this gospel will be preached to the ends of the earth to every nation.”

“I think the idea of coming together around a common purpose, a common outcome…that’s more dynamic unity than trying to get everyone to like one another.”

“When we’re fighting a war for the souls of people that we’re trying to reach, there’s tremendous relationship and depth of friendship that is found in that context, and I think that is something that we’ve experienced, where we’ve seen leaders come together that theologically are never going to come together.”

“You’re never going to do anything great for God without prayer.”

“We want to make sure everybody’s shown God’s love in a practical way.”

“What we saw was just an exponential engagement of these unreached, unengaged people groups.”

“Unreached people groups are now being reached at an unprecedented rate. Probably in the last 2,000 years, there are more being reached, year upon year, than ever before.”

“In our lifetime, we could say that this gospel has been preached to every ethnos.”