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Joy Qualls: How Pastors Can Be Effective Communicators

“Whether it’s message preparation or its delivery preparation, you’ve got to put in the time and the work. There’s just no substitute for putting in that time, no amount of charisma, no amount of natural talent.”

“Who is your community? Who are you trying to reach? Who is this message for? And it might not be everybody in the audience.”

“The message might not be for me, right? But there’s something that God’s going to do in the transformation of that message that might come five years down the road.”

“One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard was that you are not buying or participating in a product when you engage in social media. You are the product.”

“Social media is actually more visual. We tend to think about it as written communication, but it’s actually not. It’s much more visual. So you have to think about the composition of your message a little bit more in terms of, how is it going to be seen?”

“Write your stuff out first and just let it sit for a little while. And then when you come back to it, think, where is this going to land? Because it’s really easy as I’m walking between my office and class to open up Twitter, glance at something and feel like I need to respond. Most of my grand mistakes are made in that moment.”

“There should be something in the way that we think and communicate that stirs the hearts of humankind.”

“Let the Holy Spirit be the one who speaks through you. All of the knowledge and preparation and practice—those are all tangible, practical things. But don’t forget the element of the Holy Spirit. The greatest messages that I’ve ever delivered are not the ones that are on the page. They’re the ones where I did the work ahead of time. I prayed and I prepared and I studied. But when I opened my mouth, it was the voice of the Holy Spirit that came through.”

“I think if more pastors would let go and let the Holy Spirit work in them, they would be the communicator that they want to be.”

“Charisma is never a substitute for character. “Listen, I’ve been taken in by a great communicator. I love it. It’s something that stirs my soul. But you have to look beyond the communication moments. How are they living their lives? How do they treat people? How do they talk to their spouse?”

“If I have one prayer at all, it is: Lord, let me be a person of character and integrity and the charisma and the communication talent will follow.”

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