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Daniel Darling: How To Disciple Your People To Use Social Media

Daniel Darling
Photo courtesy of Daniel Darling

Daniel Darling is the director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the host of the popular podcast, “The Way Home.” He has served in churches in Illinois and Tennessee and he is also a bestselling author of several books, including “The Original Jesus,” “The Dignity Revolution,” and “A Way With Words: Using Our Online Conversations for Good.”

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Key Questions for Daniel Darling

-What would you say to people who believe controversial conversations should not be held online at all and are better held in person?

-What social media advice would you give to people who are not public commentators, but are pastors and church leaders of local congregations?

-How do you coach church leaders to confront and to lead church members who are being destructive online?

-What are some social media mistakes you see that pastors can help people avoid or even avoid themselves?

Key Quotes From Daniel Darling

“Social media is where a lot of the conversations are happening. And as much as maybe we’d like to, we’re not going to go back to the 1950s.”

“I do think Christians should be engaged in the sort of marketplace of ideas where things are happening. On the other hand, I do think there are some conversations best [held] offline.”

“As a leader, I think you have to think through not just what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. Because people are watching you and, you know, the thing with leadership is that people will do in excess what leaders do in moderation. So we’re modeling for the people watching us how to conduct ourselves.”

“The demand and pressure that every pastor has to have an opinion on every single current event…is really unfair.”

“Pastors and church leaders, if they’re too active on social, it might have people wonder, are they doing anything else?”

“I think you can have hard words and prophetic words, but also to do it with civility and not demean people.”