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J.D. Greear: How Your Sermons Will Benefit From a ‘Multitude of Counselors’

J.D. Greear
Photo courtesy of J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear is pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Under J.D.’s leadership, The Summit has grown from a plateaued church of 300 to one of over 12,000. J.D. is the founder of J.D. Greear Ministries and hosts Summit Life, a daily, 30-minute radio broadcast and weekly NRBTV program. J.D. is the author of several books, including, “Just Ask: The Joy of Confident, Bold, Patient, Relentless, Shameless, Dependent, Grateful, Powerful, Expectant Prayer.”

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Key Questions for J.D. Greear

-Why do you focus on expository preaching? What are you concerns about other types of preaching?

-There are hundreds of millions of Christians who are in oral cultures or who are not literate. How can they practice biblical preaching if they do not have the tools to do exegesis?

-How do you make expository preaching compelling?

-What does your sermon preparation process look like? 

Key Quotes From J.D. Greear

“The Word is where the power is. And if I’m going to have, not entertainment power, but if I’m going to have life transformation power, it’s going to be because I’m preaching the words of God.”

“The preacher has a level of creativity and pastoral sensitivity to his people.”

“If you’re not tethered to the Word, you end up having, it could be two or three or it could be seven or eight sort of themes that you always tend to go to.”

“The center of the Great Commission is not exegeting the Bible. The center of the Great Commission is making disciples.”

“Even when I listen to preachers, yes, I love a good exegete, but I’m most attracted to guys I can tell are leaders and disciple-makers and their preaching serves that end.”

“One of the fastest growing church movements right now is over in South Asia. The approach they have…because it’s an oral culture is they have an audio Bible…I think the point is you’re letting the Bible dictate what subject is being brought up.”

“When you’re not an expository preacher…you end up answering questions your culture is asking, but you ignore some of the questions they ought to be asking.”