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Charlie Dates: Why Your Church Needs To Identify and Raise Up Young Preachers

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Photo courtesy of Charlie Dates

Rev. Dr. Charlie Dates became the youngest senior pastor at Progressive Baptist Church of Chicago in 2011 at age 30. He teaches preaching at Wheaton College and serves as an Affiliate Professor of the Baylor University George W. Truett Theological Seminary and as Affiliate Professor of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Charlie is widely sought after for conferences, summits, retreats and board memberships, as well as a guest in pulpits.

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Key Questions for Charlie Dates 

-What makes preaching and teaching compelling?

-What advice would you give for pastors and churches wanting to raise up preachers?

-How do we have a renaissance of local churches raising up preachers?

-How do we advise the 20-year-old whom God has called to preach, but who hasn’t gone to seminary?

Key Quotes From Charlie Dates 

Paul writes, ‘Knowing the fear of God, we persuade men and women.’ That’s one of those great lines in the New Testament that speaks to the effect preaching ought to have.”

“I think what makes preaching compelling is when it’s a ‘right now word,’ that preaching needs to be a word from God to a particular people at a particular moment in history.”

“I don’t know that when you talk about the art and science of preaching, that you can separate the message from the messenger.”

“You can tell when a preacher has a burden, when they’re not doing this for fame. They’re not doing this for a paycheck. They’re not doing this for their own status.”

“It doesn’t matter how compelling, how persuasive, how dynamic and believable you are if the very words you are communicating are not the very words of life.”