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Ralph Douglas West on the Benefits of Being Shaped by Black and White Preaching Traditions

Ralph Douglas West
Photo courtesy of Ralph Douglas West

Dr. Ralph Douglas West is the founder and senior pastor of The Church Without Walls in Houston, Texas. The church began with 32 members and now serves 24,000+ meeting in three locations and conducting six services each Sunday. Ralph completed degrees at Bishop College, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Beeson Divinity School, where he received the Doctor of Ministry Degree. He has an abiding commitment to the church and the academy and speaks often at colleges, universities and seminaries.

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Key Questions for Ralph Douglas West

-Talk to us a little bit about 1970s preaching versus today. What are some things you’ve kept from your younger self that you still see as part of your preaching now?

-How do you make expository preaching compelling and interesting to people?

-What are the benefits and challenges of being shaped by both Black and white preaching traditions?

-What’s the correlation between effective preaching and the relational connection between the pastor and the congregation?

Key Quotes From Ralph Douglas West

“I sensed as a teenager that God was calling me to preach. My sainted mother who has a blessed memory now helped me understand what that meant.”

“I think the compelling sermon for me is the one that begins with the exposition, not just of the biblical text, but the people who will be sitting in front of me.”