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David Platt on How He Has Been Challenged To Stop Following the ‘American Gospel’

“I can honestly say that I know God more and I love God more and I trust him more now than I did two, three years ago. And so if he’s the goal, then these are great days.”

“I think about brothers and sisters who I have very different views from that I still genuinely thank God for and pray for God’s blessing on.”

“The spread of the gospel to the nations is why we’re on the planet.”

“For church leaders and pastors, that means we have to sacrifice some of our preferences. We have to make sure that we’re not just leaning into things that make sense in our backgrounds and our perspectives, but we’re actually stepping into the shoes of different people who we’re trying to reach with the gospel.”

“We’re going to be in heaven by God’s grace with a lot of people who looked a lot different from us and thought a lot different from us. So why not cultivate that kind of community here in a way that I think is not just good for us in the church, but is also good for the spread of the gospel in the world?”

Mentioned in the Show

1 Corinthians 4:1-2
John 3:30
Romans 14 and 15

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