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Nick Hall on Asbury, Gen Z and Why He Believes ‘God Is Doing Something’

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Nick Hall is an evangelist, the visionary of Together, the founder and president of Pulse, and author of the book, “Reset: Jesus Changes Everything.” He is regularly featured as a speaker for pastors’ gatherings, student conferences, training events, and festivals around the world. Nick is also the president and CEO of The Table Coalition and sits on the executive committee of the board of the National Association of Evangelicals.

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Key Questions for Nick Hall 

-What was it like to see how God was moving at Asbury University?

-What do you think is fueling the spiritual movement we’re seeing throughout the country?

-Tell us about the event you held in Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.

-How should we respond to people wondering if the spiritual movement at Asbury was legitimate? 

Key Quotes From Nick Hall 

“I have been telling people—and I don’t say this lightly—I really feel like these last weeks have changed my life.”

“We were doing these secular university events, seeing a super uncommon percent of people responding to the gospel…[I’ve] never seen these kind of percentages, in some universities half the room.”

“You get jaded as you get older. You get skeptical as you get older. And yet I went [to Asbury] and I was like, ‘Man, if this is real, I want to see it.’ And not only was it real and genuine, it really rocked my life.”

“This was the least cool thing you can imagine…I kind of told friends, this is like Youth Sunday at church when the only people who think it’s good is the moms. And yet it just was so pure, it was so unpolished, it was so reverent unto the Lord.”

“These kids that many have judged, they are the reason that we are having this conversation right now on revival because of all the things that maybe have been wrong. I’m realizing there’s just a lot of stuff that I haven’t understood. And they literally are so desperate for the Lord.”

“People were traveling [to Wilmore] from around the world. And I just think, why were they coming? They’re hungry and they’re desperate and people are searching for God. There’s a lot of lost people that came. There were atheists that came. I met kids in Wilmore that weren’t even followers of Jesus, but they went to the meetings numerous times.”

“I don’t know how many places [this worship service) would have gone more than two days, more than three days, like just for sheer logistics alone.”

“What was going on in the room was lots of tears and lots of hugs. I mean, it was weeping at the altar. It was confession before the Lord, and it was experiencing the kindness of God.”

“You can’t plan revival, but there are ingredients that you can bake into your cake and only good things are going to come.”

“Many people were saved. I heard, you know, as many as 700 people gave their life to Christ over the weeks there. I heard there were many miracles. I was in the room one time when something crazy happened.”

“People would stand up in the middle of Asbury. They would say, ‘Hey, if you’re here, you need to repent.’ Somebody stood up and said, ‘I’m guilty of adultery and I’m stuck in my sin.’ And the whole room would say, ‘The blood of Jesus forgives you.’ And then somebody else would stand up and say, ‘I’m addicted to porn or I have hate in my heart’ or whatever—’The blood of Jesus forgives you.’”

“Revival is about the house being cleaned and healed. And so the prayer of revival is, ‘God, start with me.’”

“Wherever we’re at, whether we’re cynical or we’re gullible, God invites us to come.”

“I think a mark of revival is that people take whatever God’s put in their hands and they throw it up as an offering to the Lord.”

“One of the big questions coming from an encounter like this is, what about the follow up? You know, what about next steps? What about all these kids that came and experienced God but didn’t have anything to do from there?”

“There was a person that came to this event at Rupp Arena paralyzed in a wheelchair and they danced on stage. Like, there’s stuff that I’m calling my charismatic friends, like, help me understand what exactly is happening.”

“God’s doing something and I don’t think it has to fit in our explanation all the time.”

“What happens in these moments is you have some people who it’s easier for them to believe—that’s a gift. And then there’s other people who are more cynical, skeptical. And the inclination is, the cynics and skeptics criticize those that [find it] easy to believe. And in return, those that [find it] easy to believe, criticize the cynics and skeptics. And what ends up happening is the judgmental spirit gets on both of us.”

“Listen, when those people [come] at you with judgment [and] you’re able to love, you literally are taking the bullets out of Satan’s gun before he can shoot you with it.”

“I think God goes where he’s wanted, and he goes where people are willing to make space for him. And yes, he’ll move even in places where he’s not…but I would say revival and these encounters are marked by, there’s a hunger and a desperation.”

“Things, in my opinion, that are in the way most of [revival] happening where I am is, number one, my sin and number two, my plans.”

“Sometimes we’ve made an idol out of our plan, and I think it’s a question of, are we willing to make space in moments where there’s a stirring?”

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“One of the students…said, ‘It’s almost like Jesus set up a chair in this auditorium in Hughes Auditorium in Wilmore, Kentucky.’ And he’s like, ‘And if Jesus is in the room, I got to get there.’”

“We’re living in a moment where God is doing something that I’ve never seen in my life.”

Mentioned in the Show

Matthew 9:35-38
Revelation 22:17


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