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Alex Harris: ‘Shiny Happy People’ Is Flawed but Serves the Church

“Something my dad ingrained in me and my siblings growing up is to think about, not just actual human companions, but also our media consumption as a companion that is shaping us, that’s forming our hearts and our souls.”

“For the church to get back to a more discerning posture towards politics, but also towards consumption of all of the forms of media that really drive our political climate right now, we have to lead the charge in kind of pulling the plug on that in order to get our church members into a more healthy and more biblical and less reactionary frame of mind.”

“Our hope is not in a culture that celebrates Christian values…Our hope is to be faithful to the truth until Christ returns. And that requires sacrifice.”

“I think Christians should be an aspirational group. There is a vision and there’s a long history within Christian thought of a vision of a faithful, non-compromising Christian in the public square who will speak truth to power…and I think that type of faithfulness that really costs people is what we’re called to.”

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Proverbs 13:20

Amazon’s ‘Shiny Happy People’ Has Lessons to Teach, If We’re Willing to Listen” by Alex Harris on The Gospel Coalition
Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations” by Alex Harris and Brett Harris

Shiny Happy People” on Prime Video

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