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Kevin Palau: How Church Leaders Can Foster a Culture of Evangelism When ‘It’s Harder Than It Used To Be’

Kevin Palau
Image courtesy of Kevin Palau

Kevin Palau is an author, speaker, and president and CEO of the Luis Palau Association, which exists to proclaim the good news, unite the church, and impact cities worldwide. Kevin and Ed Stetzer are partnering with Gloo and the He Gets Us campaign to host an evangelism master class that will help people share the gospel in their everyday lives. You can access the master class by creating a free Gloo account at gloo.us.

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Key Questions for Kevin Palau

-Why have Christians moved away from evangelism as a passion?

-What are the lessons on evangelism that you learned from your dad?

-How can church leaders create a culture of evangelism in their congregations?

-What can pastors do to cultivate the skill of evangelism amid their busy schedules?

Key Quotes From Kevin Palau

“Culture has changed. I mean, we are in exile now.”

“Whether these are the best of times or the worst of times, this is the time we’ve got. So I feel like for those of us that are followers of Jesus, it’s always harvest time in the sense that if we have eyes to see, there are always people that are looking for hope.”

“It’s harder than it used to be. We’ve lost our home field advantage. People aren’t starting with a lot of common ground with the Christian community.”

“I think social media has made us feel like we’re divided into infinite numbers of different groups. And so I think we just overthink some of these things rather than saying, like, even with a total stranger, we have a lot in common.”

“The cares of this world choke out the things that we should be concerned about.”

“Dad 100% believed that the good news was good news for people. He had a joy in wanting to share the good news with people.”