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Ron Edmondson: My Tribute to Small Group Ministry


The best life, community and spiritual growth happened at Grace Community Church within the context of our small group ministry. We had some amazing leaders of our small group ministry. I’ve always been encouraged by their willingness to sacrifice part of them to invest in other people. I know each of them would say, however, that they receive far more in return than they give up. Serving others is like that.

My Tribute to Small Group Ministry

Group life helps relationships become more authentic. It connects people who would otherwise never meet. It builds friendships for life. In the various groups we have led over the years since the church started we have found people we now consider family. I cannot imagine our life without small group ministry. In all my years working in ministry, as a layperson and as a pastor, there is no place where the Acts 2 model of church is displayed any better than within the small group ministry settings that meet in people’s homes.

Group leaders thank you for investing in, leading, loving, encouraging, shaping people to become growing disciples of Jesus Christ. You are true Kingdom-builders!  Your time and energy helps to make us a better church. Grace Community Church would not be the church we are without you!


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Ron Edmondson has served as a consultant and coach. For almost 20 years he has helped thousands of leaders and organizations get better. He served as CEO of Leadership Network and as a pastor. He revitalized two churches and planted two churches. He also have a long history in business, government and nonprofit work. For over 35 years, he has been in a leadership position; mostly as a senior leader. His education includes a seminary master’s and a master’s in organizational leadership. To sign up for these blogs on a reader or by email, click HERE.