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52 Church Small Group Ideas To Encourage Fellowship

13. Serve food to the poor and homeless in a soup kitchen.

14. Serve as greeters or parking lot attendants for weekend services.

15. Have a cookout.

16. Go bowling.

17. Play volleyball.

18. Pass out Bibles door-to-door.

19. Take a short-term missions trip.

20. Go out to eat at a nice restaurant.

21. Put a roof on a disabled man’s house.

22. Take Christmas dinner and gifts to a needy family.

23. Watch a group member perform in a concert or play.

24. Go for a hike.

25. Help a group member move.

26. Have a holiday party.

27. Watch a special TV program.

28. Play board games.

29. Have a theme party and dress accordingly.

30. Visit a museum.

31. Go Christmas caroling.

32. Play soccer.

33. Go shopping.

34. Have a birthday party.

35. Visit a group member in the hospital.

36. Have an international dinner with a missionary.

37. Have a scavenger hunt.

38. Have an all-night prayer meeting.

39. Attend the funeral for the family member of a group member.

40. Play basketball.

41. Serve as counselors or sponsors at a youth activity.

42. Paint a needy person’s home.

43. Play Frisbee golf.

44. Bake cookies.

45. Serve in children’s church together.

46. Go canoeing or rafting.

47. Have a housewarming or dedication party.

48. Go to a concert.

49. Run an obstacle course.

50. Play paintball.

51. Have a pool party.

52. Go on a prayer walk.


This list of church small group ideas originally appeared here, and is used by permission.