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After Easter: 3 Steps to Launch New Groups

With Easter 2015 just about as early as it can possibly be (April 5th), there is still plenty of spring left before summer to launch another small group.

With Easter 2023 just about as early as it can possibly be (April 9th), there is still plenty of spring left before summer, and it makes a lot of sense to launch new groups right after the holiday.

3 Steps to Launch New Groups

1. Step One to launch new groups

As you know, we’re coming into a season (regardless of your hemisphere!) where many people are thinking, at least a little bit, about spiritual things.  Regardless of one’s religious background, there are a number of noticeable references to Lent and Easter over the next 40 days.

The week leading up to Easter can be a good opportunity to cast vision into existing small groups about opportunities to invite unchurched neighbors, friends, co-workers and family to Easter services. A simple video of your senior pastor speaking directly to group members about the opportunity could be played in every group.

2. Step Two to launch new groups

Easter (April 9th) is quite early in 2023.  With over two months left before school is out for summer (at least in the United States), there is plenty of time for a connecting event and enough weeks to allow new groups to have a chance of solidifying.

If a study was selected that would appeal to infrequent attenders (who will be attending this Easter) as well as friends and neighbors, it could lead to an easy opportunity to connect unconnected people.  (See also, Design Your Connecting Event with Unconnected People in Mind and Four Secrets of Connecting Unconnected People.)

Promotion of a connecting event could begin the week before Easter. The event itself could be scheduled for April 16th.

3. Step Three to launch new groups

Choosing the right study will make it easier to promote the connecting event and encourage unconnected people to join “a six week group.”  Of course, you’ll be doing everything you can to make it such a good experience that they will want to continue, but you’ll also be leveraging the power of a test-drive.

The right study will also make it easy for those who have invited friends and neighbors to host a group in their home that will do the study. Also, if you want to connect unconnected people, you must select topics that will actually appeal to unconnected people.  See also, Preoccupied With the Needs and Interests of the Right People.