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5 Ways to Determine the God You Worship

5 Ways to Determine the God You Worship

A simple path to follow Jesus comes out of Micah 6:8. Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.

If you’re like me you look at that as a checklist:

Act justly. OK, working on it.
Love mercy. Yep. Most of the time.
Walk humbly. My wife keeps me humble.
With your God. That seems like the easy one. Almost goes without saying. That one is built in.

But is it?

While many of us may gloss over that one and just assume “well of course,” the God we follow can determine how we leverage justice, administer mercy and certainly determine our level of humility.

Here are five gauges to check to determine the God you worship:

1. Where does your mind drift?

Granted we all wander to a to-do list and what’s for dinner and what will we do this weekend, but when we are scared, when we are nervous, when we are anxious—do our thoughts drift toward us? Do you find you spend most of your time thinking about what YOU want, what will make YOU happy, or make YOU look good? What do you call something that dominates your thoughts? Sounds like a god to me.

2. What scares you?

What scares you more, the idea of there being no God or no money in your account? What do you fear about death? What do you fear about tomorrow? We all have our fears, but what if they dominate our thoughts? What do you call something that we fear and bow to—a god.

3. What do you pray about?

I’m the first to admit that the majority of my prayer time is focused on: bless me, help me, protect me. And when I do that, I realize that I see God at times as a servant to my lordship. Jesus prayed “THY will be done…” I tend to pray “MY will be done.”

4. What does your calendar say?

Free time and margin is a lost commodity in our calendar. In between work, sleep, softball leagues and school events, it is hard to have any time for anything else. But who gets your first 15 minutes of the day? Who gets your attention at the end of the day? Is there a way to carve out some prayer time during your drive time? Where we spend our time tells us a lot about our god.

5. What does your bank statement say?

Jesus says where your treasure is, there your heart will be. And while He may not be calling you to sell all you have and give it away, He is asking for the first line of your budget to be His. And for you to manage the rest of it as He would. So is generosity what we do at the end of the month or just the end of the year, or is it the first money to leave our hands every time we get paid?

These are just five indicators, but there are many more. In my newest book Justice. Mercy. Humility: A Simple Path to following Jesus, I talk about not just justice, mercy and humility, but how we do these walking with the one true God. Be sure to order your copy today.

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