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Gift Ideas for Youth Pastor: 8 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

gift ideas for youth pastor

Don’t let the month of October slip by without expressing gratitude for your church’s youth pastor—or even the entire youth ministry staff. Whether youth ministers are full-time or part-time, paid or volunteer, they all like to feel loved and appreciated. So in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, we’ve searched for a variety of gift ideas for youth pastor.

Many of the top results are T-shirts and mugs with funny or inspirational messages. Although those items are likely to evoke laughter and smiles, such gifts tend to pile up in the youth pastor’s office and home. So if you’re leaning that way, toward something humorous, also be sure to include a gift card the recipient can put to practical use. And remember: Youth pastors always love handwritten thank-you notes too!

Use this list as a gift-giving launching point. Then let us know what other suggestions have been a hit for you!

8 Great Gift Ideas for Youth Pastor and Staff

1. Gift cards

These days, gift cards are available for almost every store, online service, and item. Personalize the prepaid present by choosing something your youth pastor loves—or has always wanted to try.

2. Free meals

Restaurant vouchers or gift cards are always a treat. But so is a home-cooked meal, if you’re talented in the kitchen or have the gift of hospitality.

Another creative option is to purchase all the supplies for a yummy meal. Then deliver them in a basket or gift box, complete with a gift card that reads “Dinner’s on us!

3. Gift of the month

You’d be amazed at the variety of monthly gift clubs now in existence, from cheese of the month to flower of the month. Brainstorm the youth pastor’s interests, hobbies, and preferences. Then search online for something in that category that can be delivered. For example, if your youth pastor knits up a storm, try a yarn of the month club. If the youth minister loves spicy food, sign him or her up for a salsa of the month club. Every time a package arrives, they’ll remember how much you appreciate them.