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Shoe Kick: A Wacky Large-Group Game for Youth Ministry

shoe kick

If you need an active, outdoor, no-cost game for a youth group meeting or camp, step right up! Shoe Kick will be just the right fit. Plus, it’s guaranteed to lead to plenty of giggles from players and observers alike. Kids who love friendly competition will enjoy it too.

Depending on the size of your group and the time available, you can form teams and even have a Shoe Kick playoff. To increase the stakes, award the winner(s) a silly prize such as colorful shoelaces or foot spray.

Here’s what you need to know to play this wacky game.

Shoe Kick: A Step-by-Step Guide

The only supplies you’ll need to play this game is…shoes! Any type will work.

First, have all players stand in a straight row. After everyone’s ready, say, “If you are right-handed, slip off your right shoe a little bit. If you are left-handed, slip off your left shoe a little bit.”

Next, give these directions. “When you hear the word ‘go,’ take one step forward and then kick off your loosened shoe. The player who kicks a shoe the farthest is the winner.”

Finally, shout, “One, two, three…GO!” Then have some judges determine which shoe kick traveled the farthest.

For maximum safety and fun, provide these additional rules:

  • Kick your shoe straight forward so it doesn’t land on a roof.
  • Don’t aim or kick your shoe at another player (or leader).

Shoe Kick Variations

If Shoe Kick gets a standing ovation from your kids, you might want to try these similar large-group games.

1. Shoe Shuffle

This icebreaker mixes up participants so they get a chance to talk to new people.

2. Shoe Wars

This team-building game works best with soft shoes or flip-flops. You can substitute other objects as well.

3. Shoe Talk

Try this idea for a low-key icebreaker, with groups of any size.

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