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Mini Olympics: 39 Games You Can Play With Your Youth Group Kids

mini Olympics

Mini Olympics games are ideal for youth group parties, retreats, and other events. In the collection of 39 games below, you’ll find plenty of individual challenges and team events. Activities include relays, competitions, and time trials.

Whether you’re celebrating the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics or are just a straight-up olympic fanatic, these ideas will create an action-packed schedule. Use as many of these active games as you’d like, and adapt them for your kids and group.

PRO TIP: Be sure to enlist plenty of volunteers to help your mini Olympics go for the gold!

39 Mini-Olympics Games Kids Will Love

Ready for loads of excitement? Then try some (or all!) of these youth group games:

1. Team Architect

First up, this is a great team-building icebreaker for your mini Olympics event.

2. Chair on the Wall

No prep and no supplies are needed for this fun game.

3. Bucket Balance

Be sure to play this water challenge outside.

4. Sock Wrestling

This game can get intense, but it’s a blast!

5. Table Climbing

When played safely, this is a wonderful competitive activity.

6. Dirty Nappies

Use this classic gross-out game to make kids LOL.

7. Mini-Golf Mayhem

This low-cost youth group game works wonderfully as part of a mini Olympics.

8. Matchbox Nose Race

Players race one another in unusual ways during this fun game.

9. Chalk Fencing

Let kids engage in crazy duels!

10. Pantyhose Pull

Teens will love this active icebreaker.

11. Crazy Olympics

Form teams for this energetic relay race.

12. Zombie Apocalypse

Wear good running shoes and avoid the undead!

13. Pizza Box Curling

No ice needed for this wacky version of curling.