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Funny Church Videos: LOL at These 16 Clips Teens Will Love

funny church videos

Funny church videos are guaranteed to provide good belly laughs. And if you’re serving in youth ministry, surely you can use hearty chuckles from time to time. Being willing to laugh a lot—including at yourself—is essential for success. So check out the funny church videos we’ve assembled!

Thanks to the internet, funny church videos are everywhere. Whether you prefer YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or another site or app, you’ll find oodles of humorous material to tickle funny bones.

Clips range from seasonal to sarcastic, with lots of church fails thrown in for good measure. Youth leaders and volunteers often post funny church videos of games and activities they’ve tried. While chuckling along, you (and your teens) might just learn something. Plus, humor helps you connect and engage with kids at church.

PRO TIP: Funny church videos are great discussion-starters, too!

So check out these funny church videos—and then suggest or film your own!

16 Funny Church Videos to Watch and Share

1. “The 12 Days of Christmas” Acted Out

Begin a Christmas lesson or church holiday party with this funny interpretation of a classic carol.

2. The Ha-Ha Icebreaker Game

When a new year or semester begins, try this icebreaker activity with teens.

3. If Bible Characters Had iPhones

In one of their funny church videos, John Crist and Trey Kennedy imagine if Bible characters had modern-day technology.

4. What If Darth Vader Joined Your Small Group

Whether or not your kids are “Star Wars” fans, they’ll get a kick out of this church clip!

5. Top 15 Worship Fails

Every youth pastor has experienced an “oops” during a church service or youth program. Commiserate with your peers while having a laugh at their expense.