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Biblically Accurate Angels: 10 Images of God’s Heavenly Messengers

biblically accurate angels

What are biblically accurate angels? What does the Bible say about angels and how they appear? Teens may know that God sent angels as messengers throughout Scripture. But they likely wonder what angels look like and what they do.

A youth Bible study about angels is sure to hold listeners’ attention. For preteens and teens, start with details in passages such as Ezekiel 1:5-11. Tailor the material to kids’ ages and interests. And be prepared to answer lots of questions. For example, do angels really have wings and halos? Do angels still exist today?

To help you research biblically accurate angels, we’ve collected a range of materials. Use these insights and images to dive into this fascinating topic. Then, in the comments, share your thoughts about angels!

10 Images of Biblically Accurate Angels

What do angels look like? Check out these helpful materials:

1. ‘More Bizarre Than Blissful’

This resource offers biblical and historical insights about angel appearance.

2. Bible-Based Angels

Explore Old Testament and New Testament descriptions of what angels look like.

3. Fear Not?

This fascinating video will spark kids’ imaginations about biblically accurate angels.

4. Angel Awareness

Although this site mentions mythology, it also refers to Bible passages about what angels look like.

5. All About Angels

This site is filled with Bible-based facts about God’s heavenly messengers. It also points to many Scripture references.