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Want Youth Group Transformation? Start Here.


Of the 20-plus books I’ve written over the past 20-plus years, Gospelize Your Youth Ministry is the most important. My friend Doug Fields, of downloadyouthministry.com, wrote these humbling words in the foreword of the first edition:

Gospelize is Greg’s magnum opus. This book is the culmination of a life lived in pursuit of helping youth leaders mobilize teenagers to care for those who don’t know Jesus. If you study it, think deeply about, translate it with your current church culture in mind, it has the potential to change you and your youth ministry.

In the pages of Gospelize are the “secrets” of building an effective Gospel Advancing youth ministry that actually makes and multiplies young disciples. As you’ll read in the book, these “secrets” are not new. They’re 2,000 years old and rooted in the book of Acts.

When I wrote the first edition seven years ago or so, I had no idea the impact it would make and continue to make. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for all the positive response to this book.

But we’ve learned a lot over the past seven years, and these lessons are infused into the updated version of Gospelize Your Youth Ministry, which you can download for free here.

Here are five reasons every youth leader should read the new edition of Gospelize:

1. It Will Inspire You.

This book is packed with new stories from youth leaders across the United States and around the world who have applied its values and seen amazing spiritual impact in and through their youth groups. You’ll hear from David Banda in Zambia, who is spreading the Gospel through young people across Africa. You’ll read about how God is using these principles to mobilize 1,600 missionaries to youth in 81 countries through Word of Life, to reach every teen, everywhere, with the hope of Jesus. You’ll discover what God is doing all around the world through these youth ministry secrets.

2. It Will Provoke You.

The youth ministry paradigm we received from our youth ministry forefathers—though well-meaning and containing some good—is fundamentally flawed. This book “pokes the bear” of the current youth ministry philosophy and has led to a few “roars” by some youth ministry experts. And that’s a good thing. With the trajectory of Christianity plunging, especially in the United States and Europe, something must change. This book will provoke you to be that change.

3. It Will Guide You.

This book is full of not just inspiration and provocation, but also with hope and practical ideas. You’ll come away with a whole list of tangible, effective changes you can make right away to start “Gospelizing” your youth ministry. You’ll also have access to an amazing website, free curriculum, podcasts, and a Facebook community of 2,000+ fellow youth ministry Gospelizers to guide you.

4. It Will Focus You.

After reading Gospelize, you’ll have clear direction regarding what your youth ministry should be all about. Not only that, you’ll have practical ideas of how to re-engineer your current approach to achieve your new goals. Like a magnifying glass that takes the diffused rays of the sun and focuses them onto one small spot on dried leaves until they catch fire, you’ll focus all of the insights from the Son (see what I did there)—as revealed in God’s Word and highlighted in Gospelize—until your youth ministry catches fire and starts to burn with holy urgency.

5. It Will Unleash You.

Ultimately, Gospelize is not about inspiration or information or even stories of implementation. It’s about transformation. This book will unleash you as part of a growing tribe of youth leaders from across the nation and around the world who are saying, “enough is enough!” They’re rising up to take responsibility to reach the teens in their own cities and their own communities. And they’re doing this not by having the coolest youth ministry in town, but by mobilizing their teenagers to become missionaries everywhere they go.

Download Gospelize now, and let the transformation begin!

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