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Things to Pray For: Topics and Tips for Youth Ministers, Parents & Teens

things to pray for

Do you ever run out of things to pray for? For most youth ministers and parents of teens, the prayer request list is often long. Kids themselves also may have many topics to talk about to God. But what if you’re stuck about what things to pray for?

The good news is that even when we come up short, God’s Holy Spirit helps us intercede. (See Romans 8:26-27.) More good news? God listens to and answers every prayer.

Common prayer topics for youth and for people who raise and work with them include faith growth, health, safety, Godly friends, and future plans. Kids bring to God their pain, doubts, confusion, and grief. Specific prayer requests may focus on the needs of family members and friends, plus local and world events.

Of course, prayer also is for thanking and praising God. So remind teens about the gratitude aspect of praying too.

Things to Pray For: 12 Resources

We’ve gathered a dozen resources to help church leaders, parents, and teens pray. Use, adapt, and share these topical ideas!

1. Pray Through Scripture

Basing prayers on Bible verses is always a great approach. Check out all these examples that are ideal for young people.

2. Prayer Tips and Topics

As Dennis and Barbara Rainey write, “God loves what we call the Prayer of the Helpless Parent.”

3. Ways to Pray

This site offers seven suggestions for prayer — one for each day of the week.

4. Interceding for Teens

These resources are ideal for Christian parents who want to lift up their teens to God.

5. When Teens Rebel

Parents will appreciate these 15 ideas for praying for a rebellious teenager.

6. Follow the Bible’s Lead

If you can’t think of things to pray for, turn to Scripture for sample prayers.

7. Prayers for Teen Girls

Teen girls can use prayer for specific areas. See all these helpful suggestions.

8. Prayers for Teen Boys

These ideas are geared toward young men and their challenges and needs.