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Capture the Flag: Play This Fun, Active Team Game With Teens

3. Water Balloons

Instead of a tagging system, give each team a bunch of water balloons. When a player is hit with a water balloon (and it bursts on them), they are “tagged.” This can happen anywhere in the field, and you don’t need to designate team halves. It’s a great option for hot weather!

4. Team Captains

Designate a team captain for each team and give that player a special ability. Maybe they’re the only one who can capture the flag. Maybe they’re the only one who can rescue “stuck-in-the-mud” players. Be creative!

5. Enforcers

Add in a third team called The Enforcers, filled with leaders and volunteers. They don’t try to capture a flag but to enforce the rules in a lighthearted manner. When they see an infraction, they can “arrest” the player and take them to jail for a few minutes.

Enforcers also can do this for not-so-serious offenses like “speeding” or “loitering.” Another punishment option is the firing squad. Line up the player facing a wall with their back toward you. Then have a few Enforcers throw water bombs at them (from a reasonable distance).

6. Secret Missions

Add extra objectives for teams to complete to earn extra points or win in another way. For example, hide some secret objects to collect and earn points. Or hide the flags really, really hard, but have easily hidden clues that help each team find the flags. Again, be creative!

7. Team Uniforms

It’s good to be obvious with team uniforms, but it’s also an opportunity to be creative. Maybe buy a whole stack of cheap material in a certain color and give this to the team. Their activity can be to make their own uniforms before the game starts.

These Capture the Flag rules and variations, combined with some creativity, are the springboard for an epic active game. Try it at your next youth group event or camp!

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