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Pass the Potato: An Active Game for Any Type of Youth Group

pass the potato

Pass the Potato is a super-fun game for junior high and high school youth groups. Any number of kids can participate, but the more players, the more competitive the game gets. This outdoors game combines the classic Hot Potato with elements of Tag.

Read on to learn how to play this goofy, spud-tacular game!

Pass the Potato: Get Ready to Play!

Materials Needed: One potato (or something representing a potato)

Where to Play: Outside, in an area that’s large enough to contain 10 people and wide enough to run around in.

Setup: Mark the boundaries with cones. Choose one person to hold the potato first. The person with the potato must stay in the center while everybody else can spread out within the boundaries.

Beginning: Shout “Go!” and begin counting down from 20.

The Potato: During those 20 seconds, the person with the potato chases everyone else, trying to tag them. If they manage to tag someone, that person has to take the potato and chase someone else. When the 20 seconds is over, the person who has the potato in their hands is out. Everyone else plays another round.

Here’s the Catch: The person with the potato can run as much as the’d like. If someone isn’t holding the potato, they can’t run!

Game Over: A round ends after 20 seconds, when someone is eliminated. These rounds should continue until two people are left. Then those two players will compete for a prize (of your choosing).

The Final Showdown

Duel: The final two players perform the Potato Toss. This is a variation on a classic game: Players stand an arms-length apart, facing each other. One of them holds the potato. That person passes it to the other person, and if it’s caught, they both take a step back.