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Serving and Thanksgiving: 9 Combo Activities for Youth Ministry


Are you looking for ways to combine serving and Thanksgiving with your kids? Then check out these 9 activities that integrate servanthood and gratitude. 

These youth group activities provide ideas for service during the Thanksgiving season. Plus, they offer fun ways for your youth group to gather food for a Thanksgiving meal.

In Matthew 10:8 Jesus says, “Freely you have received; freely give.” Our lives may not always be everything we hope them to be. But the vast majority of Americans are richly blessed. One way we can show our thanks to God is by helping others.

The Thanksgiving season is a great time for your youth group or families to meet the needs of others in your community. By serving, you show people Christ’s love.

9 Youth Activities: Serving and Thanksgiving

1. Volunteer at a food kitchen or food bank.

2. Take kids to visit someone who lives at a nursing home or is confined at home because of poor health.

3. Buy some (or all) of the holiday-dinner groceries for a family in need in your community.

4. Have teens go through their winter clothes and coats, selecting items they no longer fit or wear but are still in good condition. Then give them to people without homes in your area or donate them to a local shelter.

5. Make some bag lunches and distribute them to people living on the streets.