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What Do Mormons Believe: Help Teens Understand LDS Teachings

what do Mormons believe
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What do Mormons believe is a common question kids ask when you’re studying other faiths. Maybe teens in your youth group have classmates or teammates who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Or maybe they’re curious about the clean-cut, service-oriented missionaries who knock on doors. Are you prepared to inform students about LDS teachings and how they differ from Christianity?

For Christians, it’s essential to know what do Mormons believe. LDS followers claim to believe in Jesus and the Bible. But what does their doctrine really teach? Inform teens about Mormon beliefs so they don’t embrace falsehoods.

What Do Mormons Believe: Resources for Youth Leaders

Use these resources as starters when you’re teaching teens about Mormonism:

1. Mormonism’s Pseudo-Christian Teachings

First, know that the LDS website calls Jesus “the Son of God and the Savior of the World.” So you need to dig deeper into the church’s beliefs about the deity. For example, this video explains that Mormons believe the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three distinct Gods. Other videos on the “God Loves Mormons” YouTube channel detail how various Christian teachings differ from Mormonism.

2. LDS Views on Scripture

Although the LDS website calls the Bible “the word of God, a sacred volume of scripture,” it also identifies the Book of Mormon as “God’s Word.” American Joseph Smith first published the Book of Mormon in 1830, after supposedly receiving golden plates from the angel Moroni. But Christian theologians note many ways the Book of Mormon is full of lies and twisted truths.

3. What Mormons Believe About Heaven & Eternity

Ministries that reach out to ex-Mormons offer helpful comparisons between the teachings of Mormonism and Christianity. For example, kids may have heard that Mormons believe they can become gods, dwelling in multiple levels of heaven. Help them understand why this goes against biblical teachings.