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Ministry Volunteers Will Multiply Your Youth Group’s Impact on Teens

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Ministry volunteers are essential for maximizing your impact on teens. Read these must-know insights from youth ministry veteran Jonathan McKee.

Youth workers aren’t always the best at math. So let’s do some simple math from my “Skinny” book about recruiting volunteers.

Consider the time you spend each week with teenagers. You could go spend 20 hours a week with students by yourself.

You put in 20 hours and reap 20 hours of impact.

20 = 20

Or you can take that same block of time. spend 10 hours with students and 10 hours developing 10 volunteers. Then eventually they can EACH spend 5 volunteer hours (50 hours total) a week with students.

That’s 60.

You put in 20 hours and reap 60 hours of impact.

20 = 60

This model isn’t just good math; it’s scriptural. Yes, Jesus devoted time to the crowds. But he also spent time developing the Twelve (Matthew 4:18-22Matthew 10). Not to mention the 70+ regulars who were also gleaning from his teaching (Luke 10). That was probably the same group from which they chose Judas’ replacement (Acts 1).

These guys not only helped Jesus while he was here on earth. They also continued his ministry when he returned to heaven.

Developing Ministry Volunteers to Be Leaders

Now pause to think about that. Jesus spent time reaching the crowds hands on. And he also spent time developing his leaders. Ask yourself honestly: Do you regularly do both?

Based on my interactions with hundreds of youth workers each year, I think the overwhelming majority don’t spend even an hour a week investing in recruiting, keeping, or training their volunteers.

Seriously. Not even an hour. Do you?

Consider what this might look like in your ministry if you spent just 2 hours a week.