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Jen Hatmaker and the Made-to-Order Gospel

While Jen Hatmaker self-identifies as a Christian leader, her interpretations of Scripture, statistics, and studies seem rooted in a worldview that opposes biblical Christianity.

3 Layers of Life-Changing Transformation

In his very first acts of ministry, Jesus unleashed the power of transformation.
white Christians

Is the White, Evangelical Church Changing Its Mind About Racial Injustice?

New data released by Barna Research suggests that white Christians have begun to shift their views on race. 
Response to the Gospel Evident in the Balkans, Despite Challenges

Response to the Gospel Evident in the Balkans, Despite Challenges

Despite challenges, missionaries see that younger generations are showing an openness to stepping away from their strong links of national and religious identity. Within the Balkans, God is at work and more laborers are needed for the harvest.
teen evangelism

The Game Changing App for Teen Evangelism You’ve Been Waiting For

Imagine if you could give the teens in your youth group an app that made teen evangelism and sharing the Gospel both easy and engaging. The 6 words app is just that.
13 Evidences of the Transforming Power of the Gospel

13 Evidences of the Transforming Power of the Gospel

I’ve been thinking about people I’ve known over the years who were dramatically changed by the power of the gospel—and I want you to know some of their stories.
prayers for the church

7 Life Changing Prayers for the Church

It’s an incredibly powerful movement when an entire congregation reads the same devotional and then prays the same prayers for the church, together in agreement, asking for God’s favor and a breakthrough for life change.

12 Ideas for a Life-Changing Small Group Christmas

Here are 12 ideas for how your small group can get the most—and give the most—this Christmas.

Storytelling to Share the Gospel & Engage Your Church’s Community

Storytelling have the power to engage us in something beyond ourselves and pass life-giving faith from one generation to another.
Reaching a Changing World with God’s Unchanging Word

Reaching a Changing World With God’s Unchanging Word

In ministry, some things must never change but others must change constantly.
Why the Shocking Message of the Gospel is our Only Hope for Reaching an Increasingly Anti-Christian Culture

Why the Shocking Message of the Gospel Is Our Only Hope for Reaching an...

"We are living in a culture with a growing distaste for traditional Christianity."

How to Help Students Understand the TRUE Power of the Gospel

Moving beyond a shade of faith to a fully realized discipleship.

Life-Changing Sermons

"Every worship service is an all-out war for the hearts of the people gathered."

How to Study a Scripture All By Yourself—and Find It Life-Changing

A trusted method for growing in God's Word.

8 Vital Characteristics of Life-Changing Small Group Leaders

One of the fundamental differences between healthy and unhealthy small groups is the spiritual vitality of the leaders.

Does Your Preaching Change Lives?

How can our preaching lead to Christ-like convictions that produce Christ-like character?

You Will Be Amazed: A Gospel Presentation Using Two Folding Chairs

Pastor Greg Zhand demonstrates an illustration capable of changing lives!

Changing Gears: From Fasting to Feasting

Why did the resurrected Jesus stick around for another 40 days?

10 Ways The Internet Is Changing Outreach and Missions

10 thoughts that will change what you think about Evangelism, Missions, and the Internet

Gospel Wakefulness

On June 12, 1987, I was a young PhD student in Texas. On that date I watched as President Ronald Reagan stood at...

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NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins on COVID, Vaccines, and Getting Back...

"Gatherings indoors are now riskier than they were before Delta came along," says Dr. Francis Collins, "and especially if you have unvaccinated people in the group, they are really at high risk.”