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Wired for Divine Experience

Worship is, first and foremost, a human experience with God.

Creating Balance in an Unbalanced Tech World

There are a lot of smart technologists out there that have some far-more intelligent perspectives on church and technology, one of whom...

With Mobile Technology, Even Prisoners Have Cell Phones

The Los Angeles Times reports that killer Charles Manson has a cell phone. You heard it right – the man who directed...

Text Your Vote, Impact Your Worship

Is congregational interaction a priority? Mobile technology may be the answer.

Visiting Fellowship Tech

Last week I got a chance to go up to the Fellowship Technologies offices. You don’t have to read this blog for very long...

Infectious Interactivity – Bringing Audience Response Technology into Church

by Chris Lema Be warned, the technology described below can become habit forming, and may possibly turn your church service into something so ...

Billy Graham on Faith and Technology

In this archived TED Talk Billy Graham shares his insights about the limitations of technology.

5 Outreach Tips for Technical Arts

A church gives testimony on what multimedia methods work best to reach newcomers.

Building Your Media Budget

How big should your Media budget be? It's a multiple of both vision and reality.

Church Technologists: Be Fearless, Be Hated, Be Loved

When I survey the current landscape of church technology, I see near-endless possibilities.

Life Scribbles: Technology, Lies, & Excuses

Okay, let’s be honest… Many of us have used technology as an excuse (or even a white lie) for not getting back to people...

The Changing Face of Sunday Morning

Is technology's 'makeover' really revolutionizing the impact of worship?

Special Effects of Story

As worship leaders, we must remember the power of story and plant thematic seeds that come to fruition within the pastor's sermon.

Gearing Up for Tech Season

Are you prepared for the ensuing Christmas production chaos?

Technology: The Modern Day Pied Piper

David R. Smith asks, "Is technology today’s Pied Piper?"

The Influence of Technology in Our Lives

“The technology is rewiring our brains,” said Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse and one of the ...

Three Important Skills for Tech Stewards

Kem Meyer offers her view on the critical skill areas for techs.

Youth Pastor Tech!

A youth pastor  friend of mine (Troy Teeter) turned me on to this very cool blog about tech stuff and advice/helps for youth pastors....

Ashley Hales: What Happens When Pastors Ignore Their God-Given Limits

Dr. Ashley Hales joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about the fact that God created the world with limits and how those limits, counterintuitively, lead to greater space and flourishing in our lives.

Ministry Tech Leaders