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Inexpensive Ideas to Tell Volunteers Thanks: 18 Great Gifts for Helpers

inexpensive ideas

Inexpensive ideas show kidmin volunteers how much you love and appreciate them. Read on to discover 18 practical, heartfelt gifts of appreciation.

If you’re like me, you know how important volunteers are to children’s ministry programs. It is a true partnership. We can’t accomplish ministry work without dedicated volunteers. And they can’t effectively accomplish ministry work without a leader at the helm.

When I think about the people serving in my ministry, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for each one. In an age when we’re busier than ever, knowing that people choose to serve week in and week out humbles me. As often as I can, I let my helpers know how much I appreciate them. I cherish them!

Many of my volunteers are parents themselves. That means long nights up with a sick baby or child, carpooling, sports, volunteering at school, extracurricular activities, and homework. Some volunteers travel for work, often for weeks at a time. Others have spouses who travel a lot for work. Some are single parents juggling many roles. Some have health challenges. Others care for elderly or sick parents. Some are looking for work or have a spouse who is.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week is celebrated every year in April. But you don’t need to wait until then to thank these special helpers. Unpaid helpers at churches, schools, and nonprofits are the backbone of organizations.

So let volunteers know how much they mean to you as often as possible. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top, just genuine, personal, and regular.