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5 Things You Should Tell Every Guest Family

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When I am not traveling, I have the honor of volunteering in the children’s ministry at my home church.

Yesterday, while I was serving, we had a new guest family attend. They had two children. I met them at the classroom door and shared 5 things with the parents.

“Welcome! We are so excited that you are here.”

You’re going to have so much fun with us!

It’s important to make a new guest feel welcomed and special.

And always smile. Your countenance sends a message. No frowns allowed. See your guests as a blessing and not as a burden or bother.

I told the parents that their child would be in this same room the entire service.

This helps calm their nerves from being a first-time guest. Don’t assume that they know which room they will be picking up from. It’s a scary thing when a guest parent comes to pick up his or her children and they are in a different room. Don’t assume the parents know where to pick up their child—tell them.

Safety and security.

I walked the parents through the safety and security plan we have in place.  No one will ever be alone with their child. Every volunteer has been through a background check, personal interview, training, etc.

Safety and security is a huge deal for parents and rightly so. Of you want to reach guest families, you must have safety and security plans in place and communicate them to families. Explain how you will contact them if their child needs them. Share the pick-up procedures.

I handed the parents the take home paper and explained that it contained a review of what we taught that day and questions, activities, etc. that they can use to follow up at home.

p.s. if you hand the parents the take home paper, it has a better chance of making it home and being used.

When they came to pick up their child, I personally thanked them for coming and being our guest.

Look them in the eye and from a sincere heart, let them know you were glad they attended. Parents and children who are guests should receive the royal treatment.

Remember this…people’s perception of your ministry will be based on the last few interactions they have with you and your team. It’s just as, if not more, important that you have a great guest services team that thanks them for coming and greets them with a smile and handshake as they are leaving.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.