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5 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts Even Dad Can Pull Off

easy mother's day crafts

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and this year many of us won’t be spending it at church—at least not in person, that is. Which means we also won’t be able to drop our kids off at the Children’s ministry area and return after the service to find all the wonderful Mother’s Day crafts they’ve made to express their appreciation for Mom. In other words, you’re going to need some easy Mother’s Day crafts this year that don’t require access to the church’s craft closet.

The irony is that Mom likely deserves double the crafts this year as she has been working from home while also wrangling kids into doing schoolwork and attending zoom meetings. It’s been a tough year already and it’s only May. Mom deserves some extra-good crafts this year! (Of course Dad deserves extra crafts this year, too, but your turn will come in June!)

So Dad, what are you going to do to make sure your kids have something special to give mom on Sunday? We’ve pulled together some easy Mother’s Day crafts that don’t take too much craftiness, time, or supplies on your part.  

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

1. Handprint Flower Bouquet

Idea taken from TheBestIdeasforKids.com

Supplies Needed:

3 different colors of cardstock
Green construction paper or cardstock
Flesh colored construction paper or cardstock
White cardstock (12×12 in. piece)
Glue stick


Determine how many flowers you’d like your bouquet to have, then trace each child’s hand on the different colors of cardstock a corresponding number of times. Cut out each hand. 

To make the flesh colored arm holding the bouquet, trace your child’s hand again, this time including his/her forearm.

Cut out strips of green paper in cylindrical shapes for the stems of the flowers. Cut enough stems for the number of flower hands.

Glue flowers and stems onto the white cardstock as shown in the picture.

If you’d like, you can have your children write mom a message on the cardstock. Ideas include reasons your child is thankful for Mom or his/her favorite activity they do together. 

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