Build Faith in Children

Here are some notes captured by Keith Tusing during the last tour. This week on Wednesday the 10th, Orange Tour touches down near the home offices in Atlanta. These notes can help us all get excited over what leaders will hear!

What’s the difference between a Small Group Leader and a Teacher of a Small Group of kids?
Success is defined differently.
Success for the SG Leader is building relationships with the kids– for the Teacher it is teaching information.

Organic Family Ministry on Campus after Sunday Service – CCV has done a phenomenal job of creating an atmosphere that encourages families to hand around after church on Sunday. Open field with grass and balls provide a place for kids to play. Outdoor BBQ area with tables and food available create a place for families to hang out for hours.

Baby Dedication is a great tool – everybody in the culture is speaking into the lives of the expecting parents. It has:
*Podcasts designed for expectant parents.
*Invite them into the Children’s Ministry for a tour
*Explanation the 3 main things
*Host a Lunch that includes a family writing card for the dreams for the babies life –
It’s a Celebration!

Start with small groups of families around the table and explain the strategy.

How we word things is critical – Parent Training – nobody wants to admit there is a problem so why would they commit to attend training?

How long before volunteers have “buy-in” to the small group model – 4 years!

Engage kids in open ended conversations. Avoid the simple yes and no questions.

Playing the Beach Ball Question game and M&M game was a great way to get people thinking outside the Sunday School box.

Let Volunteers know they MATTER!

God sees every one of those things done for kids on Sunday!
Vision – Information – Prayer! Do it every Sunday morning!

As Children’s Ministry Leaders we get to be part of who the loving Heavenly Father is to our kids when they are the most impressionable. Cast this Vision to potential volunteers and let them know they are making an eternal difference.

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