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24 Ways To Expand Your Children’s Ministry Budget

We are looking for great deals to stretch our dollars a little further. This is nothing new for those of us in Children’s Ministry.  It really doesn’t matter how big or small our churches are…Children’s Ministry leaders want to get the most bang for their children’s ministry budget.

Here are a few tips for stretching your ministry dollars in three of the biggest expense areas:  curriculum, snacks, and crafts.

24 Ways To Expand Your Children’s Ministry Budget

Children’s Ministry Curriculum On a Budget

1. Order enough materials for children who attend 75% of the time, plus 2 or 3 more.

2. Better yet, consider switching over to digital curriculum.  While you will spend time printing and purchasing paper, this will help reduce overall costs for take-home pages and in-class activity sheets.

3. Search for free lessons online.  Check out Sermons4Kids to get started.

4. Invest in reproducible books.

Children’s Ministry Snacks On a Budget

5. Have your congregation or parents donate frequently used items, such as napkins/paper towels, cups, crackers, and O-shaped cereal.

6. Serve water instead of juice.

7. Buy in bulk from a membership warehouse.

8. Find people who love to bake and ask them to bake cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc.

9. Purchase generic brand snacks.

Children’s Ministry Crafts/Craft Supplies On a Budget

10. Shop end-of-season and post-holiday sales for seasonal items.

11. Alert your church of needed items and allow them the privilege of donating.

12. Shop early enough to avoid rushed or overnight shipping costs.

13. Buy crayons, glue sticks, and scissors before the school year starts (when school supplies are dirt cheap.)

14. Again, reproducible craft books are a good investment. Here are free coloring pages, free puzzles and worksheets, and free group activities.

General Children’s Ministry Money-Saving Tips

15. Use email, your website, and social media for publicity.

16. Swap items with another church. Join Facebook groups for children’s ministry swap & sell like VBS Swap & Sell.

17. Save money on DVD’s by borrowing them from your local library.

18. Ask professionals in your church to teach their specialty to your children, parents, and volunteers.

19. Maintain your resources.  For example, keep caps on craft supplies and properly wrap food.

20. Print your own brochures, handbooks, business cards, flyers, etc. Look for templates on Canva.

21. Make black and white copies instead of color.

22. Use white paper instead of colored.

23. When photocopying, use both sides of the paper if you can.

24. Consider using 1/2 sheets of paper to get your message out.  That way, you get 2-for-1 sheet of paper!

How do you stretch your children’s ministry budget?  Share your ideas below!