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The ULTIMATE Guide To Church Stage Lighting Systems

They may be hung or placed on the floor although most commonly they are set on the floor downstage of the performers. They give an overall fill of light over what is occurring on stage. Wash lights on the floor can be hazardous so you need to see that they are not in the line of the minister’s movement. (I have tripped over one of these while ministering myself!}

Best Overall Wash Lights

I found the LED Wash YeeSite 36W Light Bar to be the best overall wash lights for your church stage. Additionally, they provide the most value for the money and they have the most options for the price so they are also my pick for the best bang for the buck.

Stage Lights Bar, YeeSite 36W Wall Wash Light Bar for Church Wedding Christmas Halloween Stage LightingStage Lights Bar, YeeSite 36W Wall Wash Light Bar for Church Wedding Christmas Halloween Stage Lighting

  • 12LED x 3W RGB wash light provides bright and vivid color with 40° wide spread beam angle.
  • Solid metal construction, flicker-free constant-current LED driver and silent operation design with no fan inside.
  • Easy daisy-chaining of power and DMX with standard NEMA connectors and 3-pin DMX connectors. You can power link up 10pcs YeeSite wash light at most. The power cord has 4ft.
  • Operational modes: Auto run, color changing, sound activated, color fade, static color, DMX-512 mode, and master slave mode.
  • Stage lights bar great for DJ party lights, stage lighting, Christmas, Halloween, uplights for wedding, church, hotel, gallery.
  • The lights are ultra-bright with 12 LED wash lights.
  • The bar is made of aluminum housing which cools without needing a fan. This provides silent operation.
  • It comes with mounting brackets to mount on a wall (optional – wash lights are most generally used on the floor.)
  • They may be set far downstage on the floor for uplighting.
  • On the back is a 4 button LED DMX-512 menu so that you can customize your set up just the way that you like it. That includes changing your set up for different types of ministry.
  • This light bar has seven operational modes, to accommodate your onstage ministry, whatever it may be: auto, color changing mode, sound activated, color fade, static color, master-slave mode, DMX-513 mode.
  • It is easy to operate, so your volunteers need not be professional lighting experts.

It is an atmosphere that you are after this light bar certainly can give you what you need to produce the right atmosphere. This light bar offers many options and is adaptable for your worship team, an important evangelistic drama or a Christmas musical. If you choose the bar you can add more wash to it by adding a few individual floor wash lights later.

Best Budget Wash Light

If your church has a strict budget for lighting, you may want to use a couple of LaluceNatz Par Lights with RGB LightingYou might start with two of them and see how that works for the stage or platform at your church. You could try placing both of them together downstage center or you could move each away from the center for a few feet.

For a small stage/platform two of these might do the trick. Imagine wash lighting your stage for a bit over $50.00!  Remember the goal here is to present a warm, welcoming effect with your lighting. You will need to experiment to find what is right for your church. Wash lights are the first to add to your stage lighting system. If you need more than 2 of these, you can always add them later. Some features include:

LaluceNatz Par Lights with RGB 18LEDs Wash Lighting for Church Stage LightingLaluceNatz Par Lights with RGB 18LEDs Wash Lighting for Church Stage Lighting

  • led par light with 18x3W LEDs including 6 x red, 6 x green, 6 x blue.
  • Club lighting stunning color mixing effects like rosy, cyan, purple or any colors you want.
  • Bright led par can lights are easily controlled by IR remote (2pcs included) and DMX512 controller.
  • Par led dj light support multiple modes option: Static Color / Hopping / Fade / Auto Program / Sound Activated / Master-Slave / DMX.
  • Great uplight for wedding and church, also perfect for mobile dj gigs, Xmas, Christmas party, bar, club and musical live show.
  • These are LED par lights with 18x3W LEDs including six red, six green and six blue.
  • They provide lighting with great color mixing effects such as rosy, cyan, purple or any combination of colors that you may want.
  • Bright LED par can lights are easily controlled by IR remote (2 pcs included) and DMX512 controller.
  • Par LED lights will support multiple modes option: static color, hopping, fade, auto program, sound activated, master-slave, DMX.
  • They are great up lights for a church, and they are also perfect for mobile needs that your church probably has from time to time.

People have said that they give a fantastic amount of light for their size and that they are the perfect wash lights for their church’s stage.