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The ULTIMATE Guide To Church Stage Lighting Systems

Finding The Best Church Stage Lighting Systems

Your church stage lighting systems can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It is extremely subjective and there are many ways to go. So, if you are ready, let’s go back to the first things we mentioned. Consider first:

  • The size of your church
  • The size and shape of the stage or platform
  • What effect are you desiring to create through lighting?

The industry standard is now LED lighting and it is timeless. A LED system is by far less expensive than one using traditional fixtures. The lights are cool running and will save money on electricity year after year. An LED system is available for all sizes and budgets. Modest lighting setup can be built for well under $1,000.

Modern fixtures, sound-activated programs, and app-based controls will enable volunteers to get involved in lighting design even without prior experience. You won’t need electrical designers and technicians to get your system up and running…yet other savings!

There are five categories of lights

  1. Floodlights
  2. Spotlights
  3. Cyc lights
  4. Wash lights
  5. Beam lights

This information will prove useful to you when considering stage lighting for your church. Do search the internet until you find exactly what you are looking for. Obviously, there is a lot to learn and your search will be fun and educational. How rewarding and blessed the people in your congregation will be when their worship experience is enhanced by the beautiful church stage lighting systems that you provide. We hope we have helped you find the best church stage lighting systems.


This comprehensive article on church stage lighting systems originally appeared here, and is used by Duke Taber’s generous permission.