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The Best Speakers For Church – And Where to Put Them

best speakers for church

Let’s face it; when it comes to the best speakers for church, the type and size that you choose are important. This is especially true when you have the sound system handling the main sound reproduction of an entire worship team. Fortunately, there are some basic tips and suggestions you can follow to make sure that your speakers are neither too close nor too far away from where they need to be. These tips make sure that the best speakers for. church are in the perfect spot every time.

The Best Speakers For Church

Where Should a Church Speaker Be Placed?

For most sanctuaries, two loudspeakers should be sufficient. And in most cases, a single central speaker mono system will suffice. However, if you have musical instruments of any kind that you regularly use for your services, you can go ahead and opt for a stereo system with two speakers. At one point, mono systems were the norm because they have the same sound in all of the speakers and because their wiring is a lot simpler but once you add musical instruments or CDs to the mix, stereo systems become more important.

As far as where the speakers should go, there are a few basic rules. For one thing, your PA speakers should always be up high as well as in front of the most forward microphone, which you’ll do to reduce any feedback. You can place one on each side of the stage or hang them from the ceiling in the center of the area. The speakers should also be at a height that allows the audience members to have a line of sight regardless of where they are seated.

If you have a very large building, you could get a system called a side arrays system. With this system, extra speakers are placed on the side walls in equal distances from front to back.

How Do I Aim My Speakers?

Placement of your speakers is also important; fortunately, most of the rules surrounding where you should aim the speakers are self-explanatory and basic common sense. If you have a stage, the speakers should be placed at equal distances apart and pointing straight ahead. For portable setups, it’s best if the speakers are also set on top of stands but that decision depends on whether you’re in a temporary location or a permanent one.

As far as the vertical placement of the speakers, they’ll work best if you place them pointed in the direction of where the people are either standing or sitting, at just below their standing height. Of course, if your central stage is elevated and you have a flat floor, go ahead and direct your speakers in a downward position. If your stage is elevated but you have a rising floor, just point the speakers straight forward.