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12 NFL Players Who LOVE Jesus (and Football)

Derek Carr

Jeffrey Beall, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr almost chose a ministry career over joining the ranks of Christian football players, but that doesn’t mean his pre-football life was spotless. He admits to rebelling and living a “wild” lifestyle before the woman who’s now his wife helped him surrender his life to Jesus. “The greatest decision I ever made is to give him Lordship over my life,” says Carr.

The QB refutes the notion that being a Christian makes him soft on the gridiron. “When I put my helmet on, I’m ultra-competitive, talking trash,” he says. “Tough, gritty, those are things that have been in me since I was a little kid. I have two big brothers. I had to be. None of that changes what I believe, or what goes on in my heart.”