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Here’s What You Need to Know About John MacArthur’s Stance on Female Preachers

“This is the daily routine of somebody who is trying to justify their disobedience by special, intimate, personal revelation, where Jesus talks only to them,” said MacArthur. 

Beth Moore responded to MacArthur comments on female preachers and herself indirectly on Twitter, saying, “These are the weirdest days. I don’t know why it’s not just easier to say we went too far than to just keep doubling down.”

It is true that Moore has no problem preaching before a congregation at times, as she mentioned in this tweet:

But she also said, “I’m gonna take my chances & err on the side of the great commission upon which I was raised IN SBC CHURCHES. I’ve got zero desire to pastor a church but I will proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, which I’ve never believed in more, til the day I die and to anyone who will listen.”

And she challenged people to be alert to Bible teachers who prooftext:

The Danger of Clanging Cymbals

Several Christian leaders responded to the “Go home” uproar by taking issue, not with what MacArthur believes per se, but with how he said it. For example, Sam Allberry said, “If it’s lacking in charity, it’s not orthodoxy. If it demeans and mocks women, it’s not complementarianism.”

Randy Alcorn had a problem with MacArthur’s tone as well. Alcorn was clear that he has learned from both MacArthur and Moore and does not agree with everything that either of them has said. Alcorn also pointed out that he also believes men are called to lead and “carry the primary preaching responsibilities.” 

However, he said, “With grace and empathy and careful communication, [John MacArthur] could better represent Scripture and his beliefs about women pastors and preachers, and at the same time, show respect and kindness toward Beth Moore (and other women) as a fellow image-bearer and follower of Christ. Even if you agree 100 percent with John MacArthur’s interpretation of Scripture, surely there is a better way to treat people and convey that position.”

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