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Beth Moore Encourages Those Fighting Racism in the Church to ‘Outlast’ Their Critics

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Author Beth Moore is known for writing things on Twitter that stir up controversy in the evangelical church. Last week, Moore posted a thread of tweets that took aim at a skeleton in the evangelical church’s closet. Moore addressed the lingering issue of racism in the church and encouraged those leaders seeking to eradicate it not to be intimidated by nay-sayers.

“If you’re gonna let a little name-calling keep you from standing up for what you believe according to the Word of God is gospel truth, you ain’t ready,” Moore wrote. “White supremacy has held tight in much of the church for so long because the racists outlasted the anti racists. Outlast THEM,” she instructed.

Moore went on to say that when one speaks out about racism, they will be labeled a “Marxist” or “liberal” by critics. Critics will also “make fun of your ‘wokeness’ & they’re going to say you’ve departed all faithfulness to the Scriptures. If you teach or preach, they’ll say you are a false teacher/prophet,” Moore wrote.

Her advice for combatting this criticism is to remain a student of Scripture. “Stay in your Bibles. Read the OT prophets & watch for verses noting God’s displeasure over injustice. Note divine judgment. Start w/ Isaiah. Pore [sic] over the Gospels & watch what compelled & repelled Jesus. Read Acts thru Revelation. Read, read, READ.” 

Her full thread can be seen here:

Is Racism in the Church Still an Issue?

Surely we can all agree that white supremacy and racism has no place in the church, so why the controversy over Moore’s tweets? While the vast majority of the comments were supportive of what Moore was saying, some took issue with the fact that Moore seemed to be painting the church with a broad brush by saying “White supremacy has held tight in much of the church.” Although she did use the word “much” to qualify her statement, many took that phrase as a condemnation of the whole church. Many of the people who disagreed with Moore’s comments argue that racism in the church is a thing of the past and that it doesn’t help to dwell on it. 

Moore replied to one person who said she was saddened to see Moore speak so negatively of the church. Moore said, “I love the church so much. I am for the church. Served it since I was 12. Will serve til I die. Never been more devoted to Jesus, the gospel & the Scriptures.” She also mentioned she’s been studying the history of the church in America for the last three years and that these issues of injustice are “real.”

Others took issue with the fact that Moore didn’t name anyone or any certain situation specifically, thus keeping her comments general. Moore tends to abstain from naming names in her comments, especially ones that call out certain aspects of church culture she doesn’t agree with. 

Last year, Moore used her Twitter account to speak about white supremacy following the shooting in El Paso, Texas that targeted Hispanic Americans. Again without naming names, she called out leaders who refused to speak about the evils of white supremacy and nationalism. “Christian leaders, LEAD. Do not shrink back in cowardice. Be bold. Be clear. Do not assume people know where you stand. History will prove this to be a most critical hour and our silence to have been our shameful complicity.”

Moore has also used her platform to speak out against misogyny in the church and the ways she believes complementarianism has been misused and even abused in the church. 

Replying to Moore’s most recent thread, Christian rapper Lecrae expressed his appreciation for Moore’s stand: