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Margie Zacharias: There Is ‘Not One Whit of Evidence’ to Support Claims About Ravi

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In her email, Margie passed off Miller & Martin’s findings, released in February, that more than 50 individuals (including over 12 massage therapists) corroborated allegations that Ravi Zacharias perpetrated sexual and spiritual abuse. One woman said that he had raped her and justified the rape by saying it was his “‘reward’ for living a life of service to God.” The report also found that the apologist had solicited inappropriate photos from hundreds of women, including a woman named Lori Anne Thompson. In 2017, Thompson publicly accused Ravi of grooming and sexually preying on her. You can read about that story here

In Miller & Martin’s report, investigators note that they were unable to explore all of the evidence that could have been at their disposal, as the executrix of Ravi’s estate refused to give them access to those files. It is not clear at this time whether or not Margie Zacharias is that executrix. The executrix has also refused to release Lori Anne Thompson from an NDA she signed in 2017.

Margie said that the “so-called evidence in [Ravi’s] emails is phrases, words taken out of context and never confirmed with those who knew him, who could give some context.” She also said Ravi should not be held responsible if women choose to send him inappropriate pictures. She did not address the fact that after Miller & Martin’s report was released, RZIM publicly apologized for its failure to hold Ravi accountable and also apologized to Thompson for not believing her when she spoke out against the apologist in 2017. Other RZIM leaders have since apologized to Thompson, who was widely vilified following her allegations. And even more people have come forward to testify to Ravi’s abuse since Miller & Martin’s report has been released.

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On Twitter, Thompson said she is aware of “a letter” circulating online and that while she is “grieved” by it, she has no plans to respond to or comment on it. “It is too costly,” said Thompson, “to my whole frame and family to engage in public defence of the utterly indefensible.”

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