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UPDATE: ACNA Archbishop Steps in to Help With Investigation Into Abuse Claims

Rudenborg said she is grateful for McCaulley’s advocacy, but she is not grateful that it took a church leader with influence for someone in power to listen to survivors:

Bp. Stewart ignored 5 pleas to make the final report public. He made no mention of a public report in his May 4 announcement [see below]. He ignored our polite requests. He ignored our grieving, emotional appeals. His new update implies that publicizing the report was always the plan. It was not always the plan. If it had been he would have told us when we asked….There is so much more, but I am weary. I have been at this for months, day after day, holding it together, setting aside my deep, raging sorrow in order to do the work of truth and justice. I am utterly exhausted.

On July 1, Warren published a statement from her and other ordained women in the ACNA. It reads in part:

We appreciate your vulnerability and bravery in seeking help and protection. We grieve with you, are praying for our healing and recovery from trauma, and commit to advocate for you and all those who endure sexual abuse. We hear you and want you to know you are not alone. As you navigate the coming months, know that you, the other survivors, and the entire diocese have our constant prayers.

ChurchLeaders original article published on June 28, 2021, below:

Editor’s note: This article refers to acts of sexual violence that some may find disturbing and/or triggering.

Investigative journalist Julie Roys has shared a statement announcing the departure of Father Eirik Olsen from the board of directors of The Roys Report (TRR). Olsen, who is part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), is helping to manage a sexual abuse case in his diocese, and one of the victims has accused Olsen of being complicit in protecting the perpetrator.

“The victims recently reached out to me,” said Roys in a June 15 email announcing that Olsen was stepping down from The Roys Report board, “and I am so grieved over this situation. This was our family’s diocese. And because of my proximity to the church, this is not something I would consider covering. It would definitely be considered a conflict of interest.” 

She continued, “But I have expressed my concerns to the leadership involved and have connected the victims with advocates I’m confident can help them. Eirik and I have also discussed the issue at length. And we both decided that it would be best for him to step down from the board for the time being.”

ACNA Grapples With Sexual Abuse 

A significant focus of Julie Roys’ work is on investigating, exposing, and educating people about abuse in evangelical organizations. High-profile ministries and leaders she has covered include Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church, and James MacDonald, formerly of Harvest Bible Chapel. This latest scandal involves the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest and hits close to home for Roys.

Roys said that she wanted to be forthright about her proximity to the ACNA scandal. The rest of her statement about Olsen’s departure reads: