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Beth Moore Calls Out Unvaccinated, Unmasked Christians; Greg Locke and Sean Feucht Respond

Beth Moore
Screen grab from Twitter: @BethMooreLPM

Bestselling Christian author Beth Moore‘s tweet calling out Christians who politicize the COVID-19  virus has gone viral and received many reactions, including from outspoken pastor Greg Locke and “Let Us Worship” leader Sean Feucht.

Moore’s tweet began with: “If we are in Christ, it is unconscionable for us to in any way politicize this virus. What on earth are we doing???”

“Our sides are not more important than lives,” Moore wrote, adding that Jesus calls Christians to “serve sacrificially.” Her frustration evident, Moore added: “For the love of God, we gotta love our neighbors. Even our enemies!”

The Living Proof Ministries’ Bible teacher made it clear she wasn’t talking to non-Christians. “For all our Jesus-talk, where on the ever-loving earth is our Jesus-walk?” she asked.  “Jesus wasn’t playing when He called us to a whole different ethic from the world. We’re not loud-mouth boasters. We’re servants. We SERVE.”

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Moore equated unvaccinated, anti-mask Christians to saying, “My rights are more important than your life. Sorry, not sorry.” The former Southern Baptist wrote in all capital letters (which is widely understood to be yelling): “For the love of God, PUT ON A MASK IN PUBLIC PLACES WITH VULNERABLE PEOPLE.”

“Go ahead & unfollow me. I don’t care,” Moore told people who were offended by what she tweeted. Then she closed the tweet with: “FOLLOW JESUS.”

The next day, Moore expressed to her followers that she was all “worked up,” and said she cares about people. “As I live and breathe, it’s that I care and don’t want people to get sick and many die and leave loved ones devastated. I want to do right by people, protect people where possible, in Jesus’ name. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.”