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Hannah-Kate Williams Sues SBC Leaders for Covering up Sexual Abuse

However, on April 23, 2021, Hannah-Kate returned to the same tweet and said, “A follow up. The SBC has done nothing to about [sic] my abuse or abuser. The churches and people who enabled it have been given a pass by the credentials committee. And it’s been almost 2 years.”

When Hannah-Kate and her adult siblings went public in October 2019, her brother Micah Williams, posted the following statement:

“My father has been in high positions of power in churches across the Southeast and used that power to abuse his victims,” said Micah. “Many of these victims have been threatened or shamed, even by people close to them, to never speaking out. I’m speaking out to prove that it’s possible, and that those affected are not alone.”

Hannah-Kate’s two youngest siblings are still in the custody of their parents.

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